One Night Only! Mauro Fiorese's "mockumentary"

Mar 8, 2010

Please join us this Saturday, March 13, from 7-9 p.m. for a one night only exhibition of Italian artist, Mauro Fiorese's, U.Ph.O. photographs and film. It will represent the first film exhibition at John Cleary Gallery and the first time this work has been seen in the U.S.

About the series:

Knowing how to transcend the visual information we meet up with every day, using photography as a pretext to delve deeper in order to know new worlds: this was the spirit that has led Mauro Fiorese to document places and situations on the borderline between reality and fiction for almost twelve years around our Planet.

After a long period of iconographic research both in amateurs on-line archives as well as in official State archives recently opened up to the public, the photographer took countless trips to remote sites on Earth with the intent of producing the first official Archive of Unidentified Photographic Subjects.

This Project was carried out in twelve years along the lines of the great territorial documentary campaigns, like those of F.S.A. or Alinari photographers, whose far-flung activity produced an immense catalogue of images throughout the years.

View the work here

These pictures tell us about presence as well as absence: the photographic subject is always real, for it was "found" and existing in front of the photographer when he clicked the shutter, but it always and mysteriously remains difficult to identify.

The final work takes on the significance of a photographic evidence, in a almost scientific and forensic sense of the term, of a specific moment, only chronologically and geographically denied.

Every print is supplied with an X-File number that makes consultation possible, with the curiosity of observing something indefinable and with the desire to possess something that is much more than a simple fantasy.

Parallel to his photographic work, the author decided to document this long-term project with a video diary, edited in a unique, surreal mockumentary.

This is a 12' long fiction film, produced in the same spirit and supporting the photographic project, where paradoxical situation are mixed with live breaking news and street interviews to both local friends and colleagues as well as internationally recognized artists, such as Duane Michals, Michael Kenna, Keith Carter, Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor among others.

The U.Pho.S. Project has been awarded with the following grants:

International Art Prize ARTE LAGUNA 2009 - Venice, Italy
Kaunas Photo 2008 - Kaunas, Lituania
Backlight 2008 "Tickle Attack" - WOLKERSDORF, Austria
International Photography Awards 2008 Competition (finalist) - New York, U.S.A.

John Cleary Gallery is proud to present this innovative Project for the first time in the U.S. on Saturday, March 13 2010 for a unique one-night Show.
The artist will be in attendance.

Mitch Dobrowner Price Increase and New Work

Feb 28, 2010

Important news on the Mitch Dobrowner front: His prices will increase on April 1st!

See current images and prices here

Dobrowner has two brand new pieces as well, each of which is available in the largest size he's produced thus far of 35x52 inches, edition of 5.

These prints are selling quickly, and each sale forces the price higher, so, as we say in Texas, get 'em while the gettin's good!

Mark Jaremko: Nightscapes Opening and Exhibition

Oct 21, 2009

John Cleary Gallery will open our newest exhibition, Mark Jaremko: Nightscapes, this Saturday, October 24, with a reception for the artist from 6 - 8 p.m. The show will continue through November 28 and will represent the first show of Mr. Jaremko, an artist we found at Fotofest 2008, in Houston.

Jaremko says of his work: "I photograph at night. For the past four years my focus has been on capturing landscapes over water, photographed during a full moon, all taken with very long exposures. I am fascinated with the horizon, with the lights and the structures that we build there. These photographs document the discoveries I have made along the way."

We hope to see you Saturday to welcome Mark Jaremko to Houston and view his beautiful images. For a preview of the exhibition, please click here.