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Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor on NY Times Lens Blog


Last week photographic duo extraordinaire Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor were featured in separate articles on the New York Times Lens Blog!

"Jerry Uelsmann's Analog Dreams" 

"Before Photoshop allowed image makers to bend reality to their will with a single keystroke there was Jerry Uelsmann. He created surreal images the hard way -- not with digital shortcuts, but working in a darkroom with seven enlargers and multiple negatives."                       ?James Estrin


Untitled (Ocean in Frame), 2003


"In Her Garden of Digital Delights"

"I use pretty minimal and simple features. I try not to get overwhelmed by the technical aspects of it. But as new features have allowed for higher quality images, that's changed my work,. Things have become more intricate and layered and I'm braver about having many more layers in the images than I used to be. When I started out I didn't think that I could do all of my work in Photoshop. I never really saw it as the ultimate answer to everything. But I now realize that there's no other way I could do this kind of work. I couldn't imagine myself using a camera and film anymore." ?Maggie Taylor


The Experience


Both Uelsmann and Taylor are featured in our currently running Deck the Walls holiday exhibition (running through January 14). For more information about purchasing one of these alluring works, contact us here at the John Cleary Gallery!

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Jeffrey Becom: Special Offer

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  In a follow-up to his extremely successful Maya Color and Mirage: Images of India, Jeffrey Becom is in the process of formulating his next portfolio.  Looking to raise some funds, we are now offering a special on Jeffrey's current work, with a 15% discount…

Takeshi Shikama: New Work--Images of Central Park and Yosemite

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  The John Cleary Gallery is pleased to announce new work by Japanese photographer, Takeshi Shikama, who enjoyed a very successful Houston debut here in the Fall of 2010. The images come from two different portfolios, the first of which is entitled Urban…

Mitch Dobrowner: 21st Edition Book Update

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  Please note, we have recently received word from 21st Editions that the sales of Mitch Dobrowner's first publication has enjoyed much success since its release several months ago.  Due to the limited edition nature of the book some of the images are reaching…

Isa Leshko Prices to Increase

Posted on Nov 10, 2011

  Effective January 15, 2012 the prices for all of Isa Leshko's work will be raised--if you've been on the fence regarding making a purchase then now's the time to act! Point Pleasant, NJ #1, 2006. From the series "Thrills and Chills"   Embden Goose,…

Thomas Kellner: New Work

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  The John Cleary Gallery is pleased to announce the newest image from German photographer Thomas Kellner: Neuschwanstein, 2011; 35.5 x 27.2 inches   The work is printed in an edition of 20 (plus 3 artist proofs) and is currently in its first price point…

Henry Horenstein with B. Hollyman Gallery and the Austin Center for Photography

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  In collaboration with Austin Center for Photography (ACP), B. Hollyman Gallery will be exhibiting Henry Horenstein's series Animalia, a collection of intimate and intriguing portraits of land and sea creatures made between 1995 and 2001. Asiatic Elephant   Horenstein…

Susan Burnstine: Within Shadows

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  Please join us Saturday, October 22, from 6 - 8 p.m. for the opening of Susan Burnstine: Within Shadows. The exhibition will run through Saturday, November 26. The artist will be in attendance for the opening reception and book signing of her new monograph,…