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Category: S. Gayle Stevens

S. Gayle Stevens "Nests" selected for LensCulture Editor's Pick

May 5, 2015

Congratulations to gallery artist S. Gayle Stevens. Recently her "Nests" series was selected as the Editor's Pick for LensCulture Magazine. To see her featured work click here.   Nidification: is the act or process of making a nest. We relate in word and…

S. Gayle Stevens - Disappearance : Another Silent Spring

Mar 24, 2015

Disappearance: Another Silent Spring   In 1962 Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published, the title referring to the silence of the birds due to DDT; this groundbreaking book led to the creation of the EPA.  In 2014 pesticides and loss of habitat are endangering…

Spotlight: HCP Auction 2015

Feb 12, 2015

Each year in February, HCP holds an annual print auction where artists, galleries, and collectors from all over the world contribute premier photographic art that is auctioned to benefit HCP’s operating fund. It is an elegant evening of cocktails, dinner,…

Spotlight: S. Gayle Stevens

Nov 20, 2014

With growing concern for the proliferation of colony collapse disorder (CCD), which results in the inexplicable and increasing disappearance of worker bees from their colonies, artist S. Gayle Stevens began to photographically repopulate the insects through…