Mitch Dobrowner Featured on Colossal

Posted on Jun 23, 2021

Colossal recently featured Mitch Dobrowner in the article entitled "Menacing Storms Rip Across Remote Landscapes in Black-and-White Photos". Click here to view the article.

Mitch Dobrowner, Helix and Trees

Helix and Trees, Hendrum, Minnesota, 2017

Photographer Mitch Dobrowner captures some of nature’s most dramatic and overpowering shows of force in his black-and-white images of storm cells. Living between Los Angeles and Lone Pine, California, Dobrowner often travels throughout the Midwest and Southwest documenting major systems that rage across rural regions. He frames lightning strikes, enormous spiraling clouds, and dense sheets of rain through wide angles or panoramic views to contrast the extreme weather with the vast, remote landscapes. Dobrowner will be visiting the Northern Plains in the next few weeks to catch the area’s storm season, which you can follow on Instagram.


Mitch Dobrowner, Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes, Peckham, Oklahoma, 2016

Mitch Dobrowner, Bears Claw, Catherine Couturier Gallery

Bear's Claw, Moorcroft, Wyoming, 2010

To view works by Mitch Dobrowner, please visit his artist page.


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