New Images by Mitch Dobrowner

Posted on Jul 7, 2018

Catherine Couturier Gallery is pleased to announce that gallery artist, Mitch Dobrowner, is releasing two new photographs that are now available to collectors.

Words from the artist:

"I always have to remind myself that what seems to be is not always as it really is. That the Earth is really a billion-year-old rock spinning through Space.

These 2 images represent a juxtaposition between how I see our natural world and the urban landscapes man has built upon it.

I always thought that if I could do a 1000 year time-lapse of the city of Los Angeles we’d see that everything we have constructed is just temporary; that the landscape itself wouldn’t change but what mankind built upon it would rise and fall over time. We’re only temporary here. The land we think we own, we don't - we're only borrowing it. That land will still be here where we're all gone." - Mitch Dobrowner


Take a moment to enjoy the images below.


 Natron Sunrise, Mitch Dobrowner, Catherine Couturier Gallery
Natron Sunrise, 2018
Location: Trona Pinnacles, California
Urbane, Mitch Dobrowner, Catherine Couturier Gallery
Urbane, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, California
These images are available in three sizes:
14x20" (edition of 15)

20x30" (edition of 25)

34x50" (edition of 5)

For inquiries or purchases, please contact us at or (713) 524-5070

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