Fixed by Madge Cameron, Rachel Phillips' Alter-Ego

Posted on Jul 29, 2014

Fixed, a new book of photographs by the solitary Madge Cameron, is not your normal contemporary photo book nor Madge Cameron your normal contemporary photographer. In fact Cameron, the reclusive librarian born in San Francisco in 1935 and alter-ego of Rachel Philips, stumbled upon her unique process while working to digitize the extensive photographic holdings of the private library where she works sparking a moment of realization. When recording an image for the library's digital holdings, Cameron accidentally discovered that by moving a photograph while the image was being recorded, she could seperate the image into its color channels resulting in a strange 3D effect. At first irriated, Cameron eventually came to embrace the resultant images and her "process of interruption" as she calls it, remarking, "I came to see the process as a metaphor for what I do as an archivist; each piece becomes a visual cross-reference of itself." 


Top: Cover of Fixed; Bottom: Detail of Fixed

Fixed features 10 color plates of Cameron's work in a spiral-bound 30 page volume published by Treadwell Press. The book is available now through Rachel's website in a limited first edition of 30 numbered copies and includes a free pair of 3D glasses with each purchase. To see more of  this exciting new book please click here. To view more images from this series please click here. Books can be purchased here at the gallery.

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