Spotlight: S. Gayle Stevens

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

With growing concern for the proliferation of colony collapse disorder (CCD), which results in the inexplicable and increasing disappearance of worker bees from their colonies, artist S. Gayle Stevens began to photographically repopulate the insects through wet place collodian tintype and ambrotype photogram processes.

Says Stevens: "As we lose our bee population we will lose pollination of plants and our food supply.  The plates themselves are shadows of what once was; death masks of the bees.  The vitrine case is like a coffin encasing what has passed."

S Gayle Stevens Disappearance Bees Catherine Couturier Gallery

These 2 x 2 inch unique pieces are available as wet plate collodion tintypes for $36 or wet plate collodion ambrotype photograms (in red, green, blue water and black glass) for $50.  Please be aware that, for those interested parties not able to purchase in the gallery, a selection at random will be made based on your color and style preference.

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