Visual Art Source Recommends Jerry Uelsmann: Untitled

Posted on Aug 1, 2014

Jerry Uelsmann will long be remembered as a pioneer and visonary in fine art photography, challenging and changing what is considered a fine art photograph, so it comes as no suprise that the gallery's current show, Jerry Uelsmann: Untitled, is currently a Visual Art Source Editorial Recommendation. The short, two paragraph recommendation gives a brief overview of Jerry and his work and how he creates his surreal photographs while covering a few select pieces in the exhibition. The gallery couldn't be happier with this great recommendation from Visual Art Source, the online collaboration between two art magazine greats, art ltd. and ArtScene.

Please check out the recommendtaion in its entirety (and cruise around VAS, it's a great site) by clicking here.

Stop by the gallery during business hours, Tuedsay - Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM, to see the full Jerry Uelsmann: Untitled exhibition or click here for the exhibition page.

Jerry Uelsmann: Untitled, 1969


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