About Catherine Couturier Gallery

Several years ago, I attended the AIPAD fair and was asked by a collector, “What is your gallery’s specialty?” “Photography,” I responded. He said, “Well, I know that. But what is your specialization?” I smiled. “Good photography.”

That’s all there is to it. I want Catherine Couturier Gallery to be a bastion of excellence and honesty with a dedication to the medium in all its forms, but my highest goal will always be to showcase the best fine art photography I can.

Formerly John Cleary Gallery, our doors were opened in 1996, in our current location on Gallery Row.  The gallery quickly evolved into the premier photography gallery in Houston.  John sadly passed away in 2008 after a one-month battle with pancreatic cancer but not before insuring the gallery’s future by passing the torch to me. I worked for John for eight years before his death as the gallery manager and director, and I take the responsibility of carrying on the John Cleary Gallery tradition with all the gravitas it is due.

Under my ownership, the gallery has evolved to embrace both that which John and I both loved (mid-century French street photography and portraits of children, to name two) and more contemporary art that was always my area of expertise. The range of work represented is broader, and my eye is apparent on every wall and in every bin. It is now very much Catherine Couturier Gallery, and I am proud to put my name on this group of artists and these works of art.

I love selling art, but that isn’t the reason I own a gallery.  My philosophy on dealing art has always been that it is not my job to sell anything to anyone. I am here to present amazing work, offer comprehensive information and facilitate one finding a photograph that will enhance his or her life. I love meeting first-time collectors who are really excited about a purchase, and I find a lot of joy in tracking down a rare or sold-out piece for a collector with a special request.

The Catherine Couturier Gallery is a member of AIPAD (Association of Photography Art Dealers), and I am honored to be part of such an excellent organization. We participate in AIPAD’s “The Photography Show” each spring and various other art fairs throughout the year. I also review portfolios for organizations and festivals such as Fotofest, give lectures to artists and collectors alike, and am proud to serve on both the Advisory Council of Houston Center for Photography and its annual auction committee.

Please peruse the website, and let us know if we can help. We hope to meet you soon.

Catherine Couturier, Owner/Director
June 2012