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October 24 - November 25, 2015

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This exhibition by Jennifer Schlesinger will show three bodies of work: Utopia, Here Nor There, and Object Diaspora.

Utopia: The actual definition of Utopia has been confused over time between the Greek definition which means "no place" and the homophonic prefix meaning "good place.” The marriage of these two definitions assumes that the definition for Utopia is an idyllic place that does not exist. In this series, Jennifer Schlesinger has constructed imaginary landscapes, with the intention to create a physical landscape which does exist, if only in the paper-imaged form. They are her response to the philosophical question of whether a perfect place can exist, bringing together life's dualities into a perfect union of beauty.

Here Nor There: It is the mystery of the unknown that enchants humans into believing in any given religion or any spiritual path. For humans, it is this mystery that leads to curiosity, which can be the impetus to bring forth solutions and innovations for healing the Earth's future. The images in this series are Schlesinger’s interpretations of these initial magical, mysterious moments of inspiration. These images are influenced by literature, folklore, invention and reality as well as the unexplained and the curious. They cannot be attributed to any one given place – they are neither here nor there.

Object Diaspora: Object Diaspora presents photographs of objects that have been passed between people and families over time and have become imbued with a special meaning, significance and value. The objects come to embody, often, the spirit and memory of the person who originally possessed them and are given an almost ‘sacred’ status by their current owners. Like people who migrate from one country to another looking to begin a new life, these objects travel, get placed in a new environment and become part of their new culture. We breathe our spirit into these objects, and we use them with the spirit of the person who gave them to us.