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February 21st - March 21st

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One of the great ironies of globalization is that as people become more connected to technology – e-mail, cell phones, iPods - they often become less connected to one another. This growing rift in the social fabric has been duly noted by Croatia's Stanko Abadzic, whose deeply humanistic photographs resonate with wistful regard for a time when people were in tune with each other spiritually and emotionally rather than electronically. This accounts for the seemingly "old fashioned" aesthetic of his images, many of which, with their geometric composition, sensual atmosphere and telling detail, look as if they could have been made in the 1940s or earlier.

"The faster we live, the less emotion is left in the world. The slower we live, the deeper we feel the world around us," he says. "I am not against globalization in general, but I am against the physical and spiritual uniformity of cities and towns dominated by multinational corporations. Globalization turns us into passive consumers. It is not interested in our creativity or our individuality. We lose our happiness when we lose our sense of identity."

Let’s Remember is a collection of photographs that expresses that creativity and individuality, and allows us to remember a simpler time.