George Zimbel

George S. Zimbel continues to produce new work and print previously unseen images from his archive. His activity reflects his feeling that creative people speed up as they get older because they have a backlog of ideas and projects along with the realization that time is finite.

George Zimbel has been married to Elaine Sernovitz, a writer and psychotherapist since 1955. They have four children: Matt, Andrew, Ike, and Jodi and nine grandchildren. They live in Montreal, their city of choice.
In an era of increased manipulation of the photographic image by computer technology, Zimbel's commitment to the "straight" photograph has become stronger. He sees the early 21st century as a period in which classic photography will have it's last flowering.

"My work begins with recording an image, but it is not finished until I have made a fine print. That is my photograph.

A lot goes into a finished documentary photograph: a very personal view of life, a knowledge of technique, and of course, information. It is the information that grabs the viewer, but it is the photographer's art that holds them."