Sunrise over Lone Pine

Sunrise over Lone Pine — Mitch Dobrowner

Sunrise over Lone Pine, 2020

Archival pigment ink print

6 x 20 inches, edition of 15: $1,500 

16 x 30 inches, edition of 25: $2,500

27 x 50 inches, edition of 5: $5,000

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The Eastern Sierra Nevada has always been a major inspiration for me - and a reason why I started photographing the landscapes of the Desert Southwest. Owens Valley, the Alabama Hills and specifically the town of Lone Pine was one of the first areas I spent time exploring when I first arrived in California (30+ years ago). The sight and majesty of Lone Pine Peak and Mount Whitney is a spiritual experience. The Ansel Adams Wilderness and the history of the Paiute (Native American Tribes) resonate with me..... just as the Navajo people resonate with me during my journeys into Southern Utah and New Mexico. The image represents to me how I see and feel about this area. Because of all these feelings, the kindness of the local people and the rough, rustic lifestyle are some of the reasons I've also decided to take up residence in this amazing area. - Mitch Dobrowner

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