Current Exhibition

Deck the Walls 2019


Opening Reception: Saturday, December 7, 2019,  6-8pm

Deck the Walls is an annual group exhibition of vintage and contemporary pieces that allows Catherine Couturier Gallery to showcase a variety of artists, prices, styles, and photographic mediums. Deck the Walls is expected to feature works by Robert Mapplethorpe, Horst P. Horst, and Robert Doisneau. Other exhibited artists will include Maggie Taylor, Joyce Tenneson, Kate Breakey, Kenny Braun, Susan Burnstine, Harry Callahan, Mabry Campbell, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Mitch Dobrowner, Jeri Eisenberg, Andre Kertesz, Weegee, Russell Lee, Aaron Siskind, Tom Baril, Rachel Phillips, Brett Weston, and Jerry Uelsmann just to name a few. There will be something for everyone’s budget and taste.

Catherine Couturier Gallery is Houston's premier destination for fine art photography. We specialize in classic 20th century photographs and contemporary work of highly respected artists. We enjoy finding that special image for the collector, be it by presenting an artist or medium previously unseen or a hard-to-find piece by a true master in the field. The gallery also sells a wide range of rare and vintage books and publications by many of today's best-known contemporary artists.

Deck the Walls will be on view from December 7, 2019 – January 11, 2020. 

Deck the Walls, 2019, Catherine Couturier Gallery


Over 70 photographs will be on display. Take a look at a small selection of what will be in the show!


Robert Mapplethorpe, Tulip, Catherine Couturier Gallery

Robert Mapplethorpe
Tulip, 1985
silver gelatin print
15 x 15 inches
edition 1 of 10
Please contact the gallery for pricing


 Edward Maxey, Melody, 1988, Catherine Couturier Gallery

Edward Maxey
Melody, 1988
silver gelatin print
19 x 19 inches


Horst P. Horst, The Mainbocher Corset, Catherine Couturier Gallery

Horst P. Horst
The Mainbocher Corset, 1939 (printed later)
gelatin silver print
9 x 12 inches


Robert Doisneau, La Dame Indignee, Catherine Couturier Gallery

Robert Doisneau
La Dame Indignee, 1948/1956
vintage gelatin silver press print
7 x 9 inches


Aaron Siskind, Chicago, 1956, Catherine Couturier Gallery

Aaron Siskind
Chicago, 1956/1960
Gelatin Silver Print
9 1/2 x 12 inches


Joyce Tenneson, Suzanne and Chair, 1990, Catherine Couturier Gallery 

Joyce Tenneson
Suzanne and Chair, 1990
Chromogenic print
Edition of 200
7 x 9 inches


Kenny Braun, Prada Marfa, 2015, Catherine Couturier Gallery
Kenny Braun
Prada Marfa, 2015
Archival Pigment Print
20 x 30 inches
edition of 35

Wendi Schneider, Cypress, 2017, Catherine Couturier Gallery

Wendi Schneider
Cypress, Carmel, CA, 2017
pigment ink over white gold leaf
5 1/2 x 8 inches, vellum, edition of 10: $750
10 3/4 x 16 inches, vellum, edition of 5: $1,500
13 1/2 x 20 1/4 inches, kozo, edition of 5: $2,500
Contact Sheet, Fireflies, Keith Carter, Catherine Couturier Gallery
Keith Carter
Fireflies Contact Sheet, 1992
gelatin silver print
edition 20 of a sold out edition of 20
16 x 20 inches
Radio Flyer, Keith Carter, Catherine Couturier Gallery
Keith Carter
Radio Flyer, 2000
gelatin silver print
15 x 15 inches
edition 6 of sold out edition of 35
Brett Weston, Holland Canal, 1971, Catherine Couturier Gallery
Brett Weston
Holland Canal, 1971
Printed circa 1971-1974
16 x 20 inches
Contact gallery for pricing
Brett Weston, Garrapata Beach California, 1954, Catherine Couturier Gallery
Brett Weston
Garrapata Beach California, 1954
Early print
16 x 20 inches
Contact gallery for pricing
Brett Weston, Underwater Nude, Catherine Couturier Gallery
Brett Weston
Underwater Nude, 1979
14 x 11 inches
Elliott Erwitt, New York City (Dog Legs), Catherine Couturier Gallery
Elliott Erwitt
New York City (Dog Legs), 1974 
11 x 14 inches: $5,000
16 x 20 inches: $7,500
20 x 24 inches: $8,500
30 x 40 inches: $14,500
Parus Bicolor, Tufted Titmouse, 1995/1996, Kate Breakey, Catherine Couturier Galley
Kate Breakey
Parus bicolor, Tufted Titmouse, 1995/1996
32 x 32 inches
gelatin silver print, hand-colored with oils and pencil
Edition of 10

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