Previous Gallery Exhibitions

Cara Barer: Bibliomania

Michael Kenna: Reverie

The Photography Show Presented by AIPAD 2024

Maggie Taylor: Up, Up, and Away!

Wendi Schneider: BLOOM

Deck the Walls 2023

Todd Webb: Across America, 1955

Just the Two of Us

PHOTOFAIRS New York 2023

Mitch Dobrowner: Fury and Grace

Kate Breakey: New Work


The Photography Show Presented by AIPAD 2023

Josephine Sacabo: Moon Over Time

Deck the Walls 2022

Three Penny Pictures

Henry Horenstein: Speedway 72

Wendi Schneider: Into the Mist

Maggie Taylor: Internal Logic

Deck the Walls 2021

Stanko Abadžic: Aktovi

Rachel Phillips: Home from the Field

Marisa S White: Certain These Clouds Go Somewhere

Patty Carroll: Collapse and Calamity

Mabry Campbell: A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

Kate Breakey: Avian

Maggie Taylor: Museum Studies

Mitch Dobrowner

Deck the Walls 2019

Wendi Schneider: States of Grace

Kenny Braun: Picturing Texas

Garden Party

Susan Burnstine: Where Shadows Cease

Michael Kenna: Rafu

Rachel Phillips: Ghost Light Theaters

Patty Carroll: Domestic Demise

Deck the Walls 2018

Renate Aller: Mountain Interval

Mabry Campbell: Light Transitions

Kate Breakey: Golden Hour

Maggie Taylor: Through the Looking Glass

Keith Carter: Dirty Pictures

Mitch Dobrowner: Still Earth

Deck the Walls 2017

Marina Font: Mental Maps

Re-Float the Couturiers

Jefferson Hayman: Things I Saw Without You

Molly Block: Roadside Relics

In With The New: Recent Work

Susan Burnstine: Absence of Being

Deck the Walls 2016

John Chakeres: The Grey Series

Libbie Masterson: Spectrum

Kenny Braun: Surf Texas

Keith Carter: Beak of the Finch

Maggie Taylor: Stranger Things Have Happened

Michael Kenna: A Wonderful World

Deck the Walls: 2015

Jennifer Schlesinger: In Silver and Albumen

David Scheinbaum: Kalos

Lori Vrba: The Moth Wing Diaries

Jeri Eisenberg: Till It's Time To Go

Micky Hoogendijk: Celebrating Sunlight and Transition

S. Gayle Stevens - Disappearance : Another Silent Spring

Stanko Abadzic: Let's Remember

Rachel Phillips: From Time to Time

Deck the Walls: 2014

Renate Aller: Ocean | Desert

Libbie Masterson: Delicate

Lori Vrba: Drunken Poet's Dream

Jerry Uelsmann: Untitled

Martin Elkort: Optimism and Innocence

Mitch Dobrowner: That Rare Land

Deck the Walls: 2013

Robert Doisneau: France in the 20th Century

Rachel Phillips: Field Notes

Libbie J. Masterson: Water's Edge (Mizugiwa)

Elliott Erwitt: Master Class

Jean Miele: What Could Be

John Chakeres: Structure

Maggie Taylor: No Ordinary Days

Deck the Walls: 2012

Takeshi Shikama: America

Vivian Maier: Out of the Shadows

Houston Fine Art Fair 2012

Rita Bernstein: Out of Place

Gerald Pisarzowski: Art and Alchemy

David Fokos: New Work

Susan Burnstine: Within Shadows

Jeri Eisenberg: Bokeh

Mitch Dobrowner: New Work

Henry Horenstein: Show

Keliy Anderson-Staley: Imagined Family Heirlooms

Renate Aller: One View, Ten Years

Deck the Walls 2010

Isa Leshko: Thrills and Chills

Takeshi Shikama: Silent Respiration of Forests

Jeffrey Becom: Mirage - Images of India

Found: Discoveries of FotoFest and PhotoNOLA