Libbie Masterson: Spectrum


Libbie Masterson Spectrum Moon in E Flat

Spectrum: Moon in E Flat
glass mosaic on mirror
36 x 24 inches
Unique piece


Multi-faceted artist Libbie Masterson, most recently recognized for her major work Ethereal Sky, commissioned by Southwest Airlines and installed in the lobby of Hobby Airport, has spent her artistic career exploring art in various mediums including photography, sculpture, installation, and set design. This exhibition utilizes three bodies of work: her photographic series Ghost, a catalog of watercolor paintings created during her travels across the globe, and a group of glass landscapes. Layered on top of these visual works, she incorporates a sound element – allowing the viewer to experience different notes of the musical scale in the same way they experience different colors of the spectrum.

“We have natural inclinations towards certain combinations of colors and notes,” said Masterson. “This is what inspires Spectrum – exploring the relationship between how we see and hear light and sound.” The exhibition, meant to immerse the viewer in both color and sound, is a product of Masterson’s expertise in both public installation and audio collaborations, evident in her 2014 Houston Symphony commissioned collaborative video project City Scenes, developed with filmmaker Ford Gunter and composer Karim Al-Zand, and performed at Jones Hall.

Masterson’s unique techniques with laying glass mosaic are at the forefront of Spectrum, and is the first body of work she has created out of glass for display in a gallery exhibition. The imagery from the 7 glass panels on display draw from the vocabulary and palette of her photographs and watercolors, suggesting that together these series can continue to educate and inspire each other.