Maggie Taylor: Up, Up, and Away!

Maggie Taylor_ It's my party_Catherine Couturier Gallery

It's my party, 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 24th, 4pm - 6pm
Exhibition on View: February 24th - March 30th, 2024

Catherine Couturier Gallery is thrilled to announce Up, Up, and Away!, an exhibition of new work by gallery artist Maggie Taylor.  

Maggie Taylor (American, b. 1961, Gainesville, Florida) is well known for her technique using a flatbed scanner instead of a traditional camera to capture found objects and photographs she collects. In 1996, Taylor first used Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the timelessness of antique portraits by playing on their whimsical nature. She skillfully incorporates background elements to give depth and atmosphere to her works, effortlessly crafting a dreamlike style that tells a captivating story.

With a rich history of embracing new technology in her art practice, Taylor skillfully incorporates elements generated by the AI program Midjourney into her latest digital collages. Using Midjourney, Taylor inputs prompts to create intricate background elements, seamlessly integrating them into her existing artistic practice through meticulous manipulation in Photoshop. The result is a series that not only showcases Taylor's longstanding commitment to innovative tools but also highlights the dynamic possibilities that emerge when combining her artistic vision with cutting-edge technology.

"It is really amazing, but a steep learning curve to be able to control it." says Taylor.

Maggie Taylor’s work is held by numerous public and private collections including The Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, NJ; The Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL; Museum of  Fine Arts, Houston, TX; and The Museum of Photography, Seoul, Korea. 

Up, Up, and Away! opens on Saturday, February 24th at Catherine Couturier Gallery. The artist will be attending from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

All works available in the following prizes and editions as archival inkjet prints:

8 x 8 inches, edition of 15: $1,700
15 x 15 inches, edition of 15: $3,200
22 x 22 inches, edition of 10: $5,000
36 x 36 inches, edition of 9: $9,000


Maggie Taylor_Wonder room_Catherine Couturier Gallery

 Wonder Room, 2023

Maggie Taylor_The gatekeeper_Catherine Couturier Gallery

The Gatekeeper, 2023
Lucky, 2023

Maggie Taylor_The writer_Catherine Couturier Gallery

The Writer, 2023

Maggie Taylor_The patient traveler_Catherine Couturier Gallery

The Patient Traveler, 2023

Maggie Taylor_The night feast_Catherine Couturier Gallery

The Night Feast, 2023

Maggie Taylor_The daydreamer_Catherine Couturier Gallery

The Daydreamer, 2023

Maggie Taylor_The next big adventure_Catherine Couturier Gallery

The Next Big Adventure, 2023

Maggie Taylor_The realist_Catherine Couturier Gallery

The Realist, 2023
The Game
The Game, 2022
Maggie Taylor_The surprise_Catherine Couturier Gallery
The Surprise, 2023
Maggie Taylor_Transport of delight_Catherine Couturier Gallery
Transport of Delight, 2023

 Maggie Taylor_Vanilla_Catherine Couturier Gallery

Vanilla, 2023
Maggie Taylor_Welcome to the water planet_Catherine Couturier Gallery
Welcome to the Water Planet, 2023
 The Listening Room
The Listening Room, 2023
Sailors Delight
Sailor's Delight, 2022
The Bird Watchers
The Bird Watchers, 2022