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'We Sort of People' by Henry Horenstein and Leslie Tucker Available for Pre-Order

We Sort of People - Henry Horenstein & Leslie Tucker

Journalist and Writer Leslie Tucker and photographer Henry Horenstein began working together in 1997, when she invited him to Maryland to shoot a mysterious multiethnic family, the little-known Wesort clan: "We sorts are different from you sorts." The project started as a genealogical search for a family whose roots stretched back to the founding of the first Catholic colony, it grew into a mystery about the multiethnic origins of America, then became a race against time as the Wesorts and their descendants disappeared and their stories died. While Horenstein photographed the last generation of Proctors and their disappearing world, Tucker recorded the conversations she had with the wise women of the family. A living archive emerges, with voices that portray the complex realities of their lives in their own words, as seen through their eyes.

To learn more download this PDF!

The book will be published by Kehrer Verlag (Ger) in Fall 2023 and is available for pre-order on Amazon and Henry's website.


Why I Love AIPAD, Part 1

Posted on May 11, 2023

Catherine Couturier joins AIPAD ?Board of Directors

Wendi Schneider in Conversation with Laurie Lambrecht for Lenscratch

Posted on May 2, 2023

The Etherton Gallery in Tucson, Arizona has just opened the exhibition, Reverence: Laurie Lambrecht and Wendi Schneider, that runs through June 10, 2023. Reverence pairs Laurie Lambrecht’s embroidered photographs on linen with Wendi Schneider’s gilded photographs…

Patty Carroll featured in the 2023 Alley Ball Auction!

Posted on Apr 19, 2023

Catherine Couturier Gallery is proud to announce that Patty Carroll's Veiled Attempt is included in this year's Alley Ball Auction! The 2023 Alley Ball, Bordering On The Fantastic: Alley Theatre Salutes Sherlock Holmes, will be held on Saturday, April 22,…

Patty Carroll and The Photography Show Presented by AIPAD Featured in Chinese Photography Magazine!

Posted on Apr 18, 2023

Gallery artist Patty Carroll will be featured in the next edition of Chinese Photography Magazine in the article What Can Photographers Do in the AI Age? Reflections on the 42nd AIPAD by Rong Jiang. Jiang uses Patty's work as an example of straight photography…

Catherine Couturier Gallery at EXPO Chicago Featured in FAD Magazine

Posted on Apr 14, 2023

    We are delighted to see our booth at EXPO Chicago featured in FAD Magazine's list of Five Must See Booths at Chicago's Expo Art Fair! It’s a thrill to be surrounded by 170 of the best galleries from around the world, and our booth dedicated entirely…

Gallery Artist Michael Kenna Interviewed in Artnet News

Posted on Apr 12, 2023

In an interview with Artnet News gallery artist Michael Kenna answers several questions about being awarded the decoration of Officier des Arts et des Lettres at Paris Photo by the French Minister of Culture in November, 2022. Kenna also announced the donation…

Say Hello to Spring with New Work from Susan Burnstine!

Posted on Apr 11, 2023

Catherine Couturier Gallery is pleased to announce the release two new images from gallery artist Susan Burnstine as part of her ongoing series Where Shadows Cease. Burnstine creates her dream-like visions entirely in-camera with one of over twenty hand-made…

Catherine Couturier Gallery and The Photography Show featured in Blind Magazine

Posted on Mar 31, 2023

Blind Magazine celebrates The Photography Show presented by AIPAD. Among the featured exhibitors is our very own Catherine Couturier Gallery and gallery artist Patty Carroll!

Family Scavenger Hunt at The Photography Show presented by AIPAD

Posted on Mar 18, 2023

Join us for our first ever AIPAD Children’s Scavenger Hunt! Sunday, April 2nd at 11am before the show opens to the public at 12pm.  - Kids will learn about the history of photography in a fun and interactive way  - Have your hunt commemorated by a Polaroid…