Catherine Couturier Gallery at EXPO Chicago Featured in FAD Magazine

Posted on Apr 14, 2023

 Patty Carroll at EXPO Chicago 2023


We are delighted to see our booth at EXPO Chicago featured in FAD Magazine's list of Five Must See Booths at Chicago's Expo Art Fair! It’s a thrill to be surrounded by 170 of the best galleries from around the world, and our booth dedicated entirely to Patty Carroll really pops.

Per Fad Magazine:

As the lights went up to usher excited guests out of the Vernissage last night, fashionable crowds still thronged Catherine Couturier Gallery to enquire after this technicolor lineup of maximalist photos from Chicago-based Patty Carroll’s ongoing series “Anonymous Women,” honoring the fraught relationship between feminine energy and domesticity. The series here spans six years in her career — it’s just as fun to look for developments in Carroll’s eye over time while exploring her endless detail as it is to stand still and watch how, through the crowd, life really does imitate art.

Read the full article here to see other highlights from EXPO Chicago 2023!

If you find yourself in Chicago this weekend be sure to give us a visit at booth 452.


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