Jeffrey Becom: Painted Villages of Ecuador

Minotaur, Saquisilí, Ecuador 2019Minotaur, Saquisilí, Ecuador 2019

 Saturday, June 29th, 4pm - 6pm
Exhibition on View:

June 29th - August 17th, 2024


Catherine Couturier Gallery is thrilled to announce Painted Villages of Ecuador, an exhibition of new work by artist Jeffrey Becom opening Saturday, June 29th, from 4pm-6pm. Jeffrey Becom approaches his art as a photographer and painter with formal training as an architect. For him, these three pursuits ignite one fascination: painted walls. The tradition of painted facades in vernacular architecture around the world provides this traveler with both subject matter and inspiration for his own artwork. Paint and color serve as Becom’s life calling, whether it be through photography, painting, or writing books about painted color customs, myths, and meanings. 

For about thirty years, Becom has dedicated his life to documenting the rich heritage of pre-colonial indigenous cultures across Latin America. He has recently focused on photographing in the rural Andean villages of South America and how ancient traditions have continued to survive through these native people’s traditions, beliefs, and architecture. This exhibition is meant to honor the endurance of Ecuador’s indigenous communities and their cultural heritage. Therefore, Becom finds it critical to capture the colors, subjects, and details exactly as found. 

Don't miss the chance to meet the artist in person at the opening reception on June 29th, 2024, from 4pm-6pm!

All works are available in the following sizes and editions as archival pigment ink prints:

16 x 20 inches, edition of 25: starting at $1,500
20 x 30 inches, edition of 25: starting at $2,500
30 x 45 inches, edition of 10: starting at $4,000

  Blue Lintel, Sigsig, Ecuador 2019

Blue Lintel, Sigsig, Ecuador 2019
Cactus Garden, Ambato, Ecuador 2019
 Cactus Garden, Ambato, Ecuador 2019
After Market Day, Saquisilí, Ecuador 2019
After Market Day, Saquisilí, Ecuador 2019
Casa del Sombrero, Cuenca, Ecuador 2019
 Casa del Sombrero, Cuenca, Ecuador 2019
Pink Wall, Guamote, Ecuador 2019
Pink Wall, Guamote, Ecuador 2019

 Green Adobe, Cotacachi EcuadorGreen Adobe, Cotacachi Ecuador 2019
 Corrugated Wall, Loja, Ecuador 2019

Corrugated Wall, Luja, Ecuador 2019

Twin Steps, Cañar, Ecuador 2019
Orange Crest, Riobamba, Ecuador 2019

 Double Locks, Alausí, Ecuador 2019
 Broken Frieze, Tixan, Ecuador 2019

Orange Door, Latacunga, Ecuador 2019

Geometry of Color, Saraguro, Ecuador 2019
Old Sombrero, Saraguaro, Ecuador 2019